Need to Get Rid of a Stump or Tree?

Schedule eyesore-erasing stump or tree removal services in Kirkwood or Binghampton, NY by calling Vivid Services

Does a stump or tree on your property need to go? Vivid Services, LLC can cut it down, cut it into firewood or haul it away in Kirkwood or Binghampton, NY. You can reach out to us for stump and tree removal services on residential and commercial properties.

Come to us when trees:

  • Grow too close to power lines
  • Hold large, dead branches throughout their crowns
  • Have large splits or hollows in their trunks

If you see these problems or other severe issues, contact our experts about tree removal services right away.

Find out more about stump services

Find out more about stump services

We offer two services to deal with unwanted stumps: stump grinding services and stump removal services. If you choose stump grinding services, we'll cut down the stump and grind away the visible part of it. If you choose removal services, we'll do the same, then dig up all the stump's roots. Reach out to us today to ask a professional to recommend the right services for a stump on your property.